Blank Ankle Dress Socks (Quarter Ankle Length)

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These all new ANKLE Dress socks are just like our original dress socks, with the polyester outer and a cotton interior for both superb comfort and printability, but now in an ankle length!  They feature black heel and black toes and are very soft and comfy.  Great to wear with flip flops, dress shoes, and other times when you feel like a thin, casual sock.  Dress socks are our thinnest line of socks. 

Print instructions:  400 degrees, 30-35 seconds under press.

Print with our Streetwear Jigs (the long straight ones) for best results. They will be longer than needed but the width is the same and they can be cut at the height if you'd like to short them. 

Printable area of each sock when stretched onto a Jig and ready to print W x H
Small: 3.5" wide x 9" tall
Medium:  4" wide x 11.5" tall
Large: 4" wide x 13" tall
X-Large: 4" wide x 13.75" tall

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See size chart image in the photos for socks equivalent shoe size. 
All sock are unisex and can fit both men and women.  Note: Size chart is just a guide, we recommend trying out the different sizes and seeing which fit you like the best and which sizes you'd like to then carry and offer your customers.  Feel free to use our size chart/sizing for your website and sales.  


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