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Blank Dog Tanks

Pet Love!  These new Dog tanks are guaranteed to keep your furry guy happy and stylish.  They are breathable, soft and comfy on the inside while they sublimate great on the outside. 

See Size chart for full measurement details. They are offered in XS-7X range! 

Dimensions for print sizes from widest point to widest point:
XS:  9.5" tall x 7" wide
Small:  10.75" tall x 8.25" wide
Medium: 13" x 9"
Large: 15" x 10.5" 
XL: 16.5" x 11.5" 
XXL: 19.75" x 13.25" 
3XL: 22" x 14.5" 
5XL: 24" x 16" 
7XL: 26" x 18.25" 
(Some manufacturer variance does occur and is normal) 

Material details:  They feature a cotton interior and a polyester exterior.  Total material blend is:  60% polyester and 40% cotton. 

Note: There is no minimum on these.  However they come to us as a 6-pack per size. So if you'd like a sealed unopened pack we recommend ordering in multiples of 6 per size. They will also come with free resealable bags with each piece. 

Heatpress at 400 degrees and 35-45 seconds, firm pressure.

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