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Blank Headbands - Dry Fit Athletic with Self Tie Back

This Headband is a very Silky Smooth item that your customers are going to be amazed by!  it prints vibrant and easily! You can lay it down flat, no jig required and print directly on it.  Print 1 side and leave a white background or print all over the entire thing front and back.  Either way works.  
One size fits all for both kids and adults.  


Black one is for screen printing.  

Headband measurements:  37" x 2.5" 
One size fits all. 
Note: This item is sold per piece, not by the pair. 

Material: 88% polyester, 12% spandex

Print Sizes: 
Partial print size we recommend 8" wide x 2" tall. 
Full print size we recommend 40" wide by 3" tall including bleed area. 

Heatpress at 400 degrees and 25-30 seconds. 

How to Sublimate video:


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