Blank Infant Socks 6-Pack

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Silky Infant Socks with Grippies that you can sublimate right over! 

They are composed with the same material as our streetwear or no show socks.  For a nice even smooth sub. No JIG Required on these as you can just lay them down and press.  They come folded in the Side-side layout.  If you prefer to press them front and back, you can cut a small straight Jig using our streetwear Jigs and load them and press them that way.  

Tested by infants of all ages, making sure they fit there feet well and they can walk in them with the grips effectively with minimal slippage. The grips also maintain quality after pressing. 

Sizes: They come in 3 sizes and are sold by the 6-pack per size only. (measured by widest point to longest point)
0-6M: 3" wide x 4.25" long
6-12M: 3.5" wide x 5" long
12-24M: 3.75" wide x 5.25" long

They come with a bag on the side so when you are done printing you can bag them individually. 

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Bless Your Baby with these :) 


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