Sample Packs of Blank Socks

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So you want to get started in sublimated socks, but don't know which style to purchase? Or want a variety to start with and test and learn?

You asked for it, you got it.  Here are our Silky Sample packs in 3 options:

Sample pack #1:  $65
- 6 pairs of our: BLANK STREETWEAR SOCKS (3 M, 3 L)
(3 M, 3 L)
- 6 pairs of our:  BLANK WHITE DRESS SOCKS (3 M, 3 L)
+ 3 pairs of Inserts/Jigs for. 1 for Athletic and 2 For Streetwear/Dress

Sample pack #2:  $90
Every Color of ATHLETIC CREW SOCKS we carry.  (1 M and 1 L each color).
12 colors for a total of 24 pairs.
+ 3 pairs of inserts. 
This option is great if you want to try all the different colors of the athletic socks we carry. 

Sample pack #3 KIDS:  $55
- 18 pairs of our KIDS SOCKS.  They come in 3 different styles:  Athletic Black, Athletic White, and Streetwear and 2 different sizes - XS (10c-3y shoe size) and XXS (7c-10c shoe size).  You will receive 3 XS and 3 XXS of each style. 
+ 4 pairs of Inserts/jigs. 2 for Athletic and 2 for Streetwear.  

Note: The sample pack is pre-packed as per above.  So we cannot change the colors or styles. We selected these items and styles and created these sample packs based on what we felt were the best, most popular styles for starting out in sublimating socks and learning our product line.  After making the sample packs you should be ready to order styles based on what you liked best on your reorder. 


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