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Blank HALF Gaiters

All new Silky "Half" Gaiters are similar to our Neck Gaiters, yet about half the length.  They carry the same width so you can fit them around your neck, over your chin, mouth and nose comfortably and sublimate all over them easier than the full neck gaiter.  See sizing of each size below for print dimensions. 

Half gaiters are a very versatile product that can be used as a non-medical grade Face mask, a neck scarf, and more. The item is very stretchy and can be washed and worn again and again. 

Note:  Suggested to order in quantity multiples of 12 so we can send you an unopened pack(s).  This also makes our packing and processing time faster. 

Small: 8.5" x 9.5".  Recommended for Youth or Petite Individuals
Medium/Large:  9.5" x 10".  Recommended for Most Adults
XL: 10.25 x 10".  Recommended for Bigger face/head/neck sized Adults. 
XXL: 11.25 x 10".  Recommended for XXL face/head/neck sized Adults.

(Some manufacturer variance does occur and is normal) 

Material details: 
84% polyester, 16% spandex. 

Click Here for Templates

This item is sold per piece, not by the pair. 

Heatpress at 400 degrees and 40-60 seconds, firm pressure.


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