Blank Athletic Socks (Cotton Bottom)

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These Silky Athletic socks are the most vibrant and comfortable socks in the sublimated socks industry! Comes in 8 colors. 

Print instructions:  400 degrees, 30-35 seconds under press.

Tutorial video showing the full sublimation process here: How to create AMAZING Colored SOCKS with Sublimation!

They are the recommended style for athletes and team sports.  The Leg holds the vibrant sublimation print while the foot is cushioned, ultra soft, dry fitting cotton, and has a secure ribbing.  Can be printed with a small or large press.  We've sublimated these on anywhere from a 9 x 12" press on up.  Recommended to use with our Jigs, the athletic ones, for best result. 

Foot Material: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester/Spandex
Leg Material:  95% Polyester, 5% Rubber/spandex, Sublimation ready. White inside and out. 

Printable area of each sock when stretched onto a Jig and ready to print W x H: 
Small:  3.5" x 6.5"
Medium:  4" x 7.5"
Large: 4.25" x 7.5"
XL:  4.25" x 7.5" 

See size chart image in the photos for socks equivalent shoe size. 
All sock are unisex and can fit both men and women.  Note: Size chart is just a guide, we recommend trying out the different sizes and seeing which fit you like the best and which sizes you'd like to then carry and offer your customers.  Feel free to use our size chart/sizing for your website and sales.  

Artwork Template for this product- Click Here to Download PSD

Artwork Template for this product- Click Here to Download PDF


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