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Blank Dress Socks

These all new Dress socks are amazingly comfy and vibrant for sublimation.  They feature  polyester outer and a cotton interior for both superb comfort and printabilty.  

Print instructions:  400 degrees, 30-35 seconds under press.

Tutorial video showing the full sublimation process here: Sublimating Amazing SILKY Smooth Dress Socks

Choose white for light colors and most designs.
Choose black for dark-colored backgrounds and black designs. The black interior is darkened that it looks like a true black sock after print, the client will never even know it was sublimated on.  It gives a vintage, tinted dark sort of look. Must try it out! Print with our Streetwear Jigs (the long straight ones) for best results. 

70% Polyester, 25% cotton, 5% elastane/spandex. 

Printable area of each sock when stretched onto a Jig and ready to print W x H
Small: 3.5" wide x 15" tall
Medium:  4" wide x 16.5" tall
Large: 4.25" wide x 18" tall

See size chart image in the photos for socks equivalent shoe size. 
All sock are unisex and can fit both men and women.  Note: Size chart is just a guide, we recommend trying out the different sizes and seeing which fit you like the best and which sizes you'd like to then carry and offer your customers.  Feel free to use our size chart/sizing for your website and sales.  

*Stock Update 9/13/21: Size XL White, is out of stock, so it will not allow you to add them to your cart.
There is currently a limit of 120 per customer, per day for all colors/sizes of the Dress Socks until we receive our bulk shipment in approx. 4-5 weeks.

Artwork Template for this product- Click Here to Download PDF



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