Silky shirts are different than most custom t-shirt places. We allow you to create your own FULLY SUBLIMATABLE Shirts.  What's that? 

SUBLIMATION explained:  

Sublimation print consists of printing on 100% polyester material and allows for the most POP in any of the print processes in the apparel industry!  The colors and the results of dye sublimation are phenomenal!  

Sublimation- What is it?  It is the transfer of design from transfer paper onto fabric through the process of heat!  The paper and ink is a special blend of sublimation paper and the heat transfer is done through industrial grade heat press machines!  

The benefits: 
  • Print is phenomenal
  • Digital process allows photographs and unlimited colors
  • Low Setup times, no screens required
  • Allows for an All-over jumbo sized print onto t-shirts and other times

The drawbacks:

  • Only works on 100% polyester or high polyester content!  
  • Does not work on cotton.  
  • Does not work on black or colored fabric. Fabric must start as white, then it takes the full dye to cover the design
  • Minor imperfections are part of the process as each piece is individually made, so not two pieces are 100% identical. 
So, if the above sounds right to you we suggest using 1 of our 2 "Sublimated" shirts below.  

We also offer a 100% cotton, comfort tee with print on the chest and middle of the back area if you prefer a cotton t-shirt.  Shirts run true to size similar to a Nike or athletic t-shirt.  If you have any questions feel free to email us at for assistance!
All Over Sublimated T-Shirt - Custom All Over Sublimated T-Shirt - Custom
Cotton T-Shirt- Custom

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