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Blank YOUTH Beanies

Beanies for our YOUTH!  You know we couldn't leave out our young lads, and future successful entrepreneurs and innovators!  So we now offer Youth Sized beanies in both our mid black interior and thick styles as follows:  

Youth Small:  Suitable for ages 2-5 yrs old.  Measures 8.5" x 7" tall when laying flat. 

Youth Large:  Suitable for ages 6-10 yrs old.  Measures 9" x 7.5" tall when laying flat. 

(Note these are just estimates.  Actual fit may vary as everyone's head size and shape is unique) 

All styles sublimate amazing on the outside. 

Note:  Suggest to order in quantity multiples of 6 so we can send you an unopened pack(s).  This also makes our packing and processing time faster. 

Heatpress at 400 degrees and 30-35 seconds. 
Use a JIG to Stretch a little bigger than the Beanie itself and shaped like the beanie. Use the roll technique to eliminate the line on the sides.  Tune in to our Facebook Group: "Sublimation with Silky Socks" for videos and content showing this.  We have our own JIGS for these in manufacturing and will be dropping in a couple of months. Until then we suggest cutting your own with multiple layers of cardstock or a piece of cardboard. 

Click Here for Templates

Tutorial Video...Coming Soon. 

Tutorial Video Coming soon...

"Bless Your Head" :) 


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