Shooter Sleeve (5 Colorways!)

Shooter Sleeve (5 Colorways!)


"Shooter!!" If you''re out there draining jumpers and they are yelling "Shooter" this is for you!  

Made from 100% wicking polyester combined with lycra for reliable stretch and athletic competition.

Large:  15" length with stretch, 1 size suitable for most adults age 12+
Medium:  13" in length and recommended kids young adults age 8-12 years old. 
Small:  12" in length and recommended for slim youth ages 4-8 years old.  

Please note:  
Actual product may look a little different than pictured.  Each piece is individually made, so no two pieces are 100% identical.  A small white line near the seam area where the print cannot reach will be visible.  We do our best to minimize this line.

Sizing Information

All socks are Unisex and available in the following sizes:

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