Sneakers in the Night- LA / NY

Sneakers in the Night- LA / NY


Today's sneaker game requires 24/7 attention!  Whether your camping up all night to cop a pair, rocking your kicks for a perfect night, or hooping under the lights SNEAKERS in the NIGHT is the sock for you!  Available now in 2 city versions:

  • LA skyline
  • NY Skyline

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Silky Socks

Please note:  The final product may look a little different from this picture. Each sock is made individually and no two socks are identical.  Visit our FAQ page to read any additional info before making a purchase.  

Material Details:

ELITE SOCKS (Full Print):


  • Polyester, Spandex, Cotton Blend
  • Extra cushion for increased support
  • Thick ribbing for secure, tight fit

Sizing Information

All socks are Unisex and available in the following sizes:

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