Upload YOUR Image - Athletic Blackfoot Socks!

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Add any image you choose to the front and back of the socks!  With your favorite color in the background!

Uniquely designed and handsomely created. 

This is only available here at Silky Socks

Please note:  Image size recommended - 2:1 ratio Height:Width (Example 600px:300px).  
- Formats: jpeg, pdf, png preferably. 
- Image will not preview live on the socks.  Once uploaded our design team will place the image to fit accordingly on the socks. You are responsible for uploading an image with high quality.  Silky Socks will not take responsibility for an image printing pixelated or with low resolution if the image provided was of low quality.
- By purchasing and uploading an image you assume all risks, copyrights and responsibilities of making this purchase.  Silky Socks assumes no responsibility for the content or image uploaded. 

The final product may look a little different from this picture. Each sock is made individually and no two socks are identical.  Visit our FAQ page to read any additional info before making a purchase.  

Material Details:

ELITE SOCKS (Black foot):


  • 60% Nylon, 22% Cotton, 18% Spandex
  • Extra cushion for increased support
  • Thick ribbing for secure, tight fit

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