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Transfer Prints- No Show Socks

With this item + a blank pair of Silky "no show" socks, all you will need is a heat press to create your own custom socks!  Exactly the way we do it.

Sold by the dozen pairs.  Each pair means you will get 2 copies of the transfer to be able to produce a pair of socks with. $24 for a dozen pairs of transfers= Net cost:  $2.00/pair 

You will upload the artwork in the next screen. Transfer sheet size is 9" x 12".

Note: this is for sublimation transfer prints only on sublimation paper!  It does not include blanks of any kind. 

Heat press settings:  400 degrees and 30 seconds (usually does the trick. Adjust time where necessary depending on the substrate). 

Transfer sheets will ship flat or rolled up in an envelope or box.  

Click "Design Now" to upload your artwork.  The box you will see represents the print size.