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Whether adding selfies and portraits, or Or creating a unique and cool design, Silky Socks offer customization of socks, arm sleeves and t-shirts! Examples:

Products can be customized using the following platforms:
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What Customers Are Saying


"High quality, unique design, soft to the touch and most important of all they can withstand countless washes. By far the best socks in the game." - 09/17/16


"The socks were amazing! You're customer service was excellent as well, thank you all. Will be doing business again soon!" - 05/28/17


"Bless ya feet indeed. I've never been so happy to order online before! I placed my order on a Thursday and got them Monday. Quick delivery and awesome customer service. I will be buying more." - 07/30/17



Design Collections is for artistic designs made by Silky Socks.  When you have good energy, excitement about life, and are ready to add a piece of freshness on your feet! 

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