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Silky Socks was founded in 2013, by creating a quality blank sock that was easy to sublimate and very comfortable to wear. We shared this sock with the Sublimation community and have since supplied a network of amazing printers and crafters worldwide with our blanks.  We’ve now expanded the blanks product line into a full line of apparel items including underwear, shirts, sleeves, headwear and more! 

Our Mission:  To be the best sublimation blank apparel supplier for Printers Worldwide, and to share our story and spread positivity while we are doing it!

The story of how it started as told by founder, Dannesh Kassamali:  I started as a screen print broker in 2009.  I launched a company called Silk Screen Apparel which printed t-shirts for businesses and brands using screen printing, and I was a middle man between the client and the factory. This soon became my full time business, and I had lots of fun doing it and built up a nice clientele.  However, after about 3-4 years of doing this, I felt the itch to provide the apparel industry with something new and fresh.  I just didn't know what it was yet. An industry friend of mine in casual conversation gave me a tip about this large trade show happening in China and said "You should go."  With nothing to lose, I said why not, and just went!

I didn't have any contacts there or orders to fill, but I wanted to do some research and learn more about manufacturing and importing.  A few months after I returned, a client of mine asked if I can do socks for his brand? I said, why YES I can.  And I used my contacts from my visit to China and began manufacturing and importing custom knitted socks as well as other apparel items for this client and few others.  A few moths later, I was wondering if one of these socks could be "customized" with print and what print process that would require. Because at the time, around 2012-13 Nike Elite socks with custom print were selling for $30-40 for 1 pair and very popular.  So this tickled my curiosity and I thought, there has to be a better way 💭 🤔.  

So after some more research I contacted a local sublimation printer and ink seller and asked him if I could test Sublimation printing on a sock I have.  He said come on down, and we pressed it together.  Upon lifting the transfer sheet off the sock after press, 1-2-3 peel!  WOW, we were both mesmerized with the print result!  The fabric took the print absolutely beautifully to our amazement.  But only on the leg part as that was the polyester part and the foot was a cushioned cotton foot. Right there the idea of Silky Socks was born, and I thought, wow this is not just a product, it can be a whole brand or company!  A few days later, I purchased the domain name silkysocks.com on Go Daddy, as it was available and it was similar to the company name Silk Screen Apparel, keeping the word Silk in the name of the new born company!  

Those were fun times.  I take tons of pride in our products because I remember what it took to get here and the struggles to overcome; the long traveling, cheap hotels, and late nights of product development to get these product just right!  We hope to bless your business with these great products and make a lifelone business relationship with you.

You can find more on our YouTube channel, including this video that helped put us on the map and made us go Viral for the first time: 

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We are headquartered California.  And we ship all over the USA and the World.

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