Blank Merchandise

Silky Socks specializes in the supply of blank socks for sublimation printers across the world!  We spent many long nights and weekends engineering the perfect socks for our own print use AND to bring the product to the market for you all to benefit from.  So if you are in the apparel decorating business, you can enjoy printing on the Silky Socks product and make some lifelong customers with these items!


We have added Inserts, transfer prints, and arm sleeves.  Now you can not only have the coolest socks and sleeves, but you don't even need to own a sublimation printer.  All you need is a heat press, then everything else can be purchased from us.

Note: Retail prices are shown below.  
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Minimum purchase is 6 pairs per style.

This short 1 minute video breaks down our socks styles:

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