Mobile App/ Design Lab FAQ 

Can I use the design Lab/App to create mockups? 

Absolutely.  That is its sole purpose now.  

Why can’t I add to cart or place a custom order? 

Our app and website is now just for design purposes.  The products we sell are blank items to other print shops.  And we no longer offer custom printed items, as of February 2024.  If you would like a referral to a good printer who uses our blanks and does a great job, please email us at and we will provide you a referral. 

How do I order blanks? 

On our website  Add what you’d like to your cart and place an order! 


How do I tile an image? Use the 2nd button on the bottom of the App. It shows multiple images. That is our "tile an image" button. 

For all other inquiries please shoot us an email or text!