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Blank Beanies

So you may call it a skull cap or a skullie. I call it a beanie. Either way this is going to be a beautiful addition to your sublimation product line!

The blank Beanies come in 3 thicknesses and 6 styles total as follows:

- Thin (Comes as an Acrylic white interior) Measures 10" x 9.25" tall when laying flat.

- Mid (Poly/Spandex blend in both white and black interior color options) Measures  10" x 9.25" tall when laying flat.

- Mid V2 Black interior:  Shorter in length. Measures 10" x 8.5" tall when laying flat.

- Thick (Comes in a light brown fuzzy interior also made of Polyester/Spandex) Measures 10" x 9.25" tall when laying flat.

- Thick V2:  Shorter in length. Measures 10" x 8.5" tall when laying flat.

All styles sublimate amazing on the outside. 

Comes as a one size fits all (Adults).   

Note:  Suggest to order in quantity multiples of 6 so we can send you an unopened pack(s).  This also makes our packing and processing time faster. 

Heatpress at 400 degrees and 30-35 seconds. 
Use a JIG to Stretch a little bigger than the Beanie itself and shaped like the beanie. Use the roll technique to eliminate the line on the sides.  Tune in to our Facebook Group: "Sublimation with Silky Socks" for videos and content showing this.  We have our own JIGS for these in manufacturing and will be dropping in a couple of months. Until then we suggest cutting your own with multiple layers of cardstock or a piece of cardboard. 

Click Here for Templates

Tutorial Video Coming soon...

"Bless Your Head" :) 


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