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Blank Ladies Bikini Underwear

Ok Ladies, the 2nd "Bless Your Booty" style for ladies!  A fully sublimation printable, premium white bikini style underwear!  This item is very Silky smooth all around, engineered for superb printability, a comfortable stretchy fit all around.  

It is made of a Polyester/Spandex blend for quality wearability as well as print-ability, contains an organic cotton interior on the crotch for extra comfort! The waistband can also be printed. 

And it's guaranteed to "Bless Your Booty" 

Comes in Sizes S-XXXL.  Recommended to order one size bigger for a comfortable fit as they run fitted.  

Approximate Dimensions of each size (in inches of widest point): 
XS: 12" wide x 8" tall
S: 12.5" wide x 8.5" tall
M: 13.5" wide x 8.5" tall
L: 14.5" wide x 9.25" tall
XL: 15" wide x 9.5" tall
XXL: 15.5" wide x 9.75" tall
XXXL: 16.75" wide x 10.5" tall

Material: 84% polyester, 16% spandex with a layer of organic 100% cotton in the interior crotch area for extra comfort.

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*There is no minimum any longer on these. You may order 1 or more of each size. However they come to us sealed in a 6-pack.  So if you order by the 6-pack of each size, that makes our packing time a little faster and easier and we are able to send you an unopened sealed 6-pack. Each underwear comes with a resealable bag on the side, so you can bag them once done printing.  


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