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Blank Dress Socks

These all new Dress socks are amazingly comfy and vibrant for sublimation.  They feature  polyester outer and a cotton interior for both superb comfort and printabilty.  

Print instructions:  400 degrees, 30-35 seconds under press.

Tutorial video showing the full sublimation process here: Sublimating Amazing SILKY Smooth Dress Socks

Choose white for light colors and most designs.
Choose black for dark-colored backgrounds and black designs. The black interior is darkened that it looks like a true black sock after print, the client will never even know it was sublimated on.  It gives a vintage, tinted dark sort of look. Must try it out! Print with our Streetwear Jigs (the long straight ones) for best results. 

70% Polyester, 25% cotton, 5% elastane/spandex. 

Printable area of each sock when stretched onto a Jig and ready to print W x H
Small: 3.5" wide x 15" tall
Medium:  4" wide x 16.5" tall
Large: 4.25" wide x 18" tall

Artwork Template for this product- Click Here to Download PDF


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