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Tribute to a legend.. Kobe Bryant

January 14, 2016

Tribute to a legend.. Kobe Bryant

Growing up a Bulls fan, there was always some sort of resentment towards the Lakers.  And when Shaq and Kobe were playing together dominating the NBA, you were either a Laker hater or a Laker lover.  I must admit I was on the hater side!  And my friends and I would argue for hours over the Lakers games and who was going to win and I would argue why the Lakers would not win it this year, and why Kobe will fail etc etc.   But as time went on and we got a little order, I couldn't help but feel wowed thinking of how amazing the Black Mamba really was and how I should have just sit back, relaxed and appreciated Greatness!  Because this boy brought it every single night!!!  His nick name "Black Mamba" represents his killer assassin and venom mentality; he wants to destroy you on the court! 

And 81 pts?!?  That was just unreal.  A night that all us basketball fans will remember our reactions when we heard or watched it transpire.  

So we at Silky Socks wanted to make 2 unique timeless socks to honor and tribute the career of Kobe!  One the "Tribute" sock showing his 5 titles and the 5 rings with the year on each ring when he led his Lakers to an NBA title, and the 2nd we call the "81 PTS Club" remembering that magnificent night when he dropped 81!  Enjoy..   

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