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Image Quality and Why It Matters!

February 10, 2017

Image Quality and Why It Matters!

Image Quality and Why It Matters!

        In digital print of Apparel including sublimated socks, the quality of the image used in printing has a direct effect on how the Design Your Own Silky Socks and other apparel appears.  You can see from the two images below, one having high resolution and the other having low resolution, that there is an obvious difference.


          Sublimation Printing Silky Socks Custom design your own clothingSublimation printing custom silkysocks socks and shirts    


        When designing clothing on our Silky Socks APP or through our "Design Your Own" custom items on our website, be sure to grab the highest resolution photo you can!  When searching on Google click "tools" then "size" and "Large" to get the best graphic for custom Silky Socks items! Remember, whether you are designing small items like socks and arm sleeves or if you are creating your own custom shirt or tank top, resolution matters!

          Custom clothing create your own clothing shirts socks sublimation printing resolution






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