November 27, 2016

Why Silky Socks?!

Why Silky Socks?!

Ever think to yourself, what’s so special about Silky Socks? Why is everyone head over heels for them? What makes these socks different from other crazy fun socks?

Well guys, I’ve got three words for you: design, comfort, and quality! We have worked long and hard to develop a sock line that is comfortable, durable, and stylish. Our dri-fit socks are nice and cushioned with extra support, have compression that hugs your foot, all the while allowing you to rock any crazy design you want. What more can you ask for in a sock? Oh, and let’s not forget that dri-fit basically means no sweaty, stinky feet! 

(Pictured: Colorful Roses - Athletic Wear Sock)

Don’t worry, if you’re not into the whole sports socks type of thing, we have a casual street wear version for you too. What’s cool about this one is that you can have your crazy design printed from top to bottom. It’s not as thick as our dri-fit sock, but is still nicely cushioned and comfortable enough to rock all day.

(Pictured: Chicago Over The City XXXI - Street Wear Full Print Sock)

But what’s the BEST thing of all about Silky Socks you ask? CUSTOM SOCKS! You can CREATE YOUR OWN socks, comfortable, great quality socks that is, right from your phone! Check out this blog post on how to customize and design socks using our app:

Get to it guys, and BLESS YOUR FEET!