February 24, 2017

Silky Athletic Sock Explained!

Silky Athletic Sock Explained!

The Silky Athletic sublimated sock style is turning into a crowd favorite, and for good reason!  We at Silky Socks have engineered this sock specifically for the uncompromising athlete.  The white top of the sock focuses on customization while the black bottom focuses on comfort and moisture wicking ability for the active lifestyle!

 Silky Socks Sublimated Athletic Black Foot Socks Comfort Moisture Wicking Socks

The white top of the sock can be completely sublimated with any art, designs, team logos or selfies of your choice.  This is possible through the material breakdown, which allows for the printing process - 95% Polyester and 5% elastane/spandex.  The black bottom of the sock contains materials that allow for a cushioned step, tight feel around the foot and the ability to wick moisture - 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex.  These properties can also be found in our Silky Athletic Knee High Socks.

Sublimation Sock Black Foot Silky Athletic Sock Material Breakdown Sublimated Create Your Own Socks

We always have our ears to the ground listening to customer requests.  For this reason we have some new projects in the works!  The first is a Silky Athletic sock with a black interior, ultimately eliminating the white lines some customers experience.  The second being a Silky Athletic sock replacing the black foot with another color, we are thinking about red and blue!  We want your input for these new projects, remember that any and all comments on social media or direct emails are taken into consideration by the Silky Socks Team!