February 11, 2016

The Making of the KD8 "All Star Game"

The Making of the KD8 "All Star Game"
Here's a quick insight to how we designed our new KD8 "All Star Game" socks!
Firstly, we take a look at the overall shoe from every angle to see the vibe it gives off, and what instantly stands out to us and make notes.
Looking at the shoe, there are many elements that can be used in order to make this custom sock pop! So we chose to take the tabs on the back of the shoes, as well as the heel insignia and morphed them together to make the back elements of the sock.
Also, for the front we took the shield and our own custom version of the KD logo, which we changed to be the number 35. (LOGO FLIP! Still gives off the same feel)
For this shoe, we felt it would be a good idea, to space the colors/words exactly how you'd see them place on the shoe if you were looking down on it. We're not exactly sure what wording Nike used on their shoe, but we like our version better.
We used the "S" from the side of the shoe, and the large lettering for "OCKS" as well as the blue and orange lettering at the bottom for "SILKY". We added some shapes that we found on the shoe, and a little bit of grunge to replicate what's on the sneaker...
AND BOOM! YOU HAVE THE COMPLETED SOCKS, READY TO BE PAIRED UP WITH THE KD8 All Star Game Shoe. Now available in our Online shop www.SilkySocks.com