February 26, 2016

Collaboration with Dunkademics @Next Level Sports Complex

Collaboration with Dunkademics @Next Level Sports Complex

We teamed up with Dunkademics to take over the Next Level Sports complex in Garden Grove and put on a show!!  Outfitting our featured dunk superstar Jonathan Clark and letting him do what he does best, DUNK!  He was rocking a custom tank top with pics and logos of himself in a collage all over the tank, and of course, the athletic comfortable Silky Socks!    

Clark, AKA @jclarkthejumper hit the crowd with an amazing "Splits Dunk" over 5 People!!  In midair he does a full Split.. Check it out!   

And some images images prepping for the dunk:


The back of John's custom tank top! 

Setting up the Group in the right positioning! 

Eyeing the rim before take-off! 

Admiring the front of the tank and the socks!  To create your own custom tank or shirt with your images, using your iPhone download the free Silky Socks App now:

Posing after the session!  Thank you NLSC for hosting us!