April 14, 2016

Kobe "Bean" Bryant..Farewell!

Kobe "Bean" Bryant..Farewell!

Did you see that game last night?  Kobe left us with another awww moment where we will remember exactly where we were that night forever!!  He ended the game with 23 points in the 4th Quarter and a come from behind victory, being that closer we always knew him to be!  And dropped 60!!!! 60 points on the night!  

Check out some of the tweets from top NBA players around the league reacting to Kobe's farewell game!  


60 piece. Mamba out.

this is unreal. This dude right here!!!!! I cried tonight! 

What else should we have expected. It's only Kobe Bryant were talking about. 60!!!!!! You never seem to amaze. @kobebryant

Bean you are a beast bro! We will miss you! Fairy tale ending. @kobebryant

Here is the video of the farewell speech Kobe left us with at Staples Center: