August 11, 2016



The 2016 Olympics are underway! Nike has been dropping Olympic Inspired sneakers left and right! Silky Socks will forever look to give you that silky style we all strive for. We've introduced multiple new USA Olympic inspired styles to match up with the new heat that has been dropping.

First up, we have the Tinker Alternate 7 Inspired sock! Designed with our signature look for the Jordan 7 sneaker, this sock features the ZigZagging tongue, shoe-side "teeth", USA flag back emblem, paint splatters, as well as the actual sole of the shoe!


Next, we cooked up some custom socks for the Jordan 5 "Olympic Gold" sneaker! This sock features a crispy gold with black speckles, USA/Olympic rings, white sneaker "netting", shoe-side "teeth", Icy bottom, and a powerful golden number 5 on the back.


Now, if your trying to rock with a sock that you can wear with just about any sneaker AND show your Olympian spirit, we designed a little something for that too.

Our Olympics 2016 black-foot sock features golden Olympic rings, an abstract USA flag design, and Silky Socks branding on back. This sock can be found in our USA/Cali collection!

Good Luck to all those playing the game we all love, in this years 2016 Olympics and all Olympians!

USA team