April 28, 2016

City Pack 2016

City Pack 2016
The Jordan Brand usually drops a "City Pack" every year, and so do we! So for this year, Jordan's shoe of choice is the Air Jordan 10.
First up on the list to drop is the "NYC" Jordan 10. With the huge success of the Drake's OVO/Jordan collaboration, they decided to go with a similar theme and keep it simple with a nice all black shoe. The shoe's sole has a faint gold speckling as well as the NYC golden accents. So we stuck to the theme and brought you just that!
Next on the list to drop is the "LA" Jordan 10.
We got a little wild on this design and tried to really encompass the overall feel of stepping into LA. GRAFFITI!
We did some taggin' of our own to capture that feeling.
Mixing a blue "concrete" with our tagger elements, as well a the Los Angeles skyline in the back, we were able to translate that into the final product to hit the perfect sneaker match for this Jordan 10 "LA" shoe release!
Jordan has more from the CITY PACK theme this year, so Silky Socks will be keeping you posted on the next designs to come! Until Then, Keep it Silky, and BLESS YOUR FEET!