May 18, 2016

Execution is worshipped!

Execution is worshipped!

Ever heard the phrase "Innovation is rewarded, Execution is worshiped"? 

What that means is it's great to have an innovative idea or talk about something new, some change.  But to take it from talk to execution, that is the true worship! The true challenge.. 
See below from one of our Mentors, the great Eric Thomas who says here 'Shhhh, don't talk, just execute!"  


With the Silky Socks App we brought you the Apple iOS version in October.  The response has been nothing short of phenomenal!  We didn't know how soon we wanted to roll out the Android version at first, but with all your amazing feedback, comments and requests loving the custom socks we had to deliver!  I am pleased to announce that the Android version is coming in June.  We will be sure to execute on this promise 100%, because after all the idea is just Innovation, but you are asking more, asking can you execute and deliver!! 

The greats to ever play the game of basketball would always let their game speak. 

From MJ's famous commercial titled "Let your Game Speak" to Kobe Bryant's killer assassin mentality!  Both of these two superstars had one thing in common, they didn't do a lot of talking, they Executed!

So we will continue to grind and work hard and we appreciate you checking in with us on the journey and hope you too can take your dreams, your ideas, and goals and execute in whatever you are pursuing!  Just take it one day at a time!!  See some of our beautiful products coming to life below... one day at a time!