November 22, 2016

Create Your Own T-Shirt using the Silky Socks APP!

Create Your Own T-Shirt using the Silky Socks APP!

          Looking to create your own t-shirt?  Look No Further!  Our brand may be SilkySocks but you will get that same Silky feel from one of our Custom Sublimation T-Shirts created through the Silky Socks App!  

          Once you have downloaded the App from either the Google Play Store or the App Store, open the app and use the arrows to toggle to the either the Tank Top, Full Print Shirt or Black Out Shirt.  Be sure to preview each style of customizable shirts by tapping the information silky socks custom design socks button at the top of your screen.  *Note the Black Out Shirt will have a black back while the Full Print Shirt will have a white back!

          Next, click on the  button which allows you to choose an image you want from your photo library.  When choosing an image be sure it is high quality!  ** PRO TIP: If you are searching Google for an image choose "Search Tools →  Size → Large".  While an image may look fine on your mobile device, it may not be high quality enough to expand to a 40-inch wide shirt.

          Change the dimension of your image by touching and dragging an edge of the bounding box in the direction of your choice. When you are comfortable with your selection, press "Use" to start putting the finishing touches on your custom sublimation shirt or tank top!

          After clicking "Use" you should be at the main design screen.  You can drag your image with one finger or expand/shrink your image using two fingers.  If you have any white area left on your design, touch the color wheel  to bring up the color pallet and choose the color you want.  When finished touch the add to cart and check out!  It's that easy!

How to create your own tshirt using the silky socks app!